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  • Use of Social Media Tools to create buzz about your event day

    Social media tools nowadays have a power that traditional marketing mediums never had. The influence that social media is making to the masses is massive and cannot be compared with any other marketing medium. That is why companies and firms are investing heavily in the social media marketing and they are getting the lucrative of it too. […]

  • Social Media Marketing Trends that are dominating 2019

    Just like social media is driving everyone crazy, the marketers are making it more insane. The total population of the social media platform is over 3billion, and it is increasing every day. With all the data and the power to track everyone, social media is the preferable platform for the marketer to build the brands. […]

  • Best Social Media AD Targeting Features ON FACEBOOK, TWITTER AND GOOGLE.

    Social media marketing has become one of the revolutionary way of advertising you grand in the digital marketing strategy. Any company that ignores this way of marketing and advertising is definitely bound to fail. Facebook web page being the dormant force in the world of social media has got over 1 billion users which really […]

  • Leverage Your Online Brand Reputation in 9 Easy Steps

    Social media platforms are a great way to build your online brand reputation while at the same time it can result in tarnishing the same reputation if something backfires. With a positive online brand reputation, you can either further your career as a blogger or even boost sales/conversion rates. The question here is how you […]

  • Whatsapp Have Been Come Up With 16 Different Emojis

    Social media plays a major role in communicating with each other all over the world. One such media is the Whatsapp, which is useful to the users in various ways. It makes us chat with each other, with the help of Smartphone applications. Now, there are a lot of features, which were introduced to make […]

  • Learn from these Mistakes before Starting the Social Media Strategy

    Many people consider social media strategy as an easy process. Is it easy? No, it isn’t. Social Media strategy involves the use of the variety of platforms to target the audience effectively. Many people get confused while starting the social media strategy due to lack of proper research. This results in big mistakes or blunders. […]

  • How to Increase Twitter Followers

    How to increase twitter followers? This is the question wandering in the newbies mind. Twitter is one of the popular social networking sites after Facebook. In recent days twitter gets more popularity among bloggers. Everybody wants to increase their twitter followers. Twitter also helps you to build your social brand value. After Facebook, I usually […]

  • Effective Instagram Advertising Methods

    When Instagram started to become a social media powerhouse, it quickly became one of the top marketing channels for many businesses – due to the fact that some companies find that visual media is more effective in engaging their audience to interact with their brand. Much of IG’s powerful advertising platform success is caused by […]