Best Social Media AD Targeting Features ON FACEBOOK, TWITTER AND GOOGLE.

Social media marketing has become one of the revolutionary way of advertising you grand in the digital marketing strategy. Any company that ignores this way of marketing and advertising is definitely bound to fail. Facebook web page being the dormant force in the world of social media has got over 1 billion users which really provides an evident ground of massive audience for you to advertise.

Social Media

You must have a vast knowledge in social media marketing so as to make social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Linked IN, google +, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp. you most successful strategy in digital marketing . Here are the top best social media ad targeting features to keep in mind when carrying out your social media marketing campaign.

  • The Quality score of the Ads.

Quality score is one of the top vital metrics that google search engines uses to analyses the performance of your ads. Quality score also known as the relevance score in Facebook can be increased by improved by making sure that your ads are more engaging and enticing. The more relevant and resonance your tweets in twitter are can also improve the quality score of your ads. The analysis in the performance of your quality score in twitter is always determine based on the 3 Rs (Resonance, Relevance and Recency).

  • Keyword Targeting and hashtags.

Whenever you are using Facebook there is a great need to focus on a specific target since Facebook does not have hashtags. You therefore have to focus on a specific target when creating your keywords. On the other hand the twitter page uses the hashtag. This can help you to generate a wider key word which may also be used to drive traffic to your ads.


  • The In-market segments of the audience.

The social media platform have got really a giant audience. Not all of this audiences are potential ones. You have to identify the potential ones basing on the exact need of the users in this platforms. The in-market segments will definitely enable you to narrow down on the most potential users who are ready to cash in for your product. This will help you to optimize your budget and even increase your ROI.

  • Audience Targeting.

This is one of the top most vital features you need to keep an eye on in the social marketing. Whenever you are determining the audience targeting of your products you need to look at various factors such as Demographics and geolocations. Creating a specific target group for your product will enable you to cut download unnecessary expenditures. Facebook, twitter and google + platforms offers the demographic targeting options for you to determine the primary audience targets for your products.

  • Custom Audiences.

This is one of the latest features in the social media platforms. This feature enables you to customize your ads so that they can be viewed by only selected users in the social media platforms. This is one of the precise ways of marketing that will really enable you to come up with a viable budget for your campaign.






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