How to Increase Twitter Followers

How to increase twitter followers? This is the question wandering in the newbies mind. Twitter is one of the popular social networking sites after Facebook. In recent days twitter gets more popularity among bloggers. Everybody wants to increase their twitter followers. Twitter also helps you to build your social brand value. After Facebook, I usually use Twitter for my Social media campaigns. It helps me to get some loyal readership for my blog.

How to increase twitter followers

Increasing your Twitter following is not a rocket science and there is no secret ingredient behind it. In this article, I will try to show you that how you can increase your twitter followers.

Follow Others

The very step of increasing your twitter followers is to follow others. Sometimes we are so shy to follow others. But the fact is that you have to follow others in order to get some followers. It’s based on a mutual relationship. When you follow someone he/she will also follow you back and it will go on.

Complete Your Bio

Nobody wants to follow a stranger. So, make your bio complete. Use your real names and details to make sure that you are real. However, you can also create a twitter account for your company and use your company details.  Add a charming photo of yours and if you have a company account than add your company logo.

This will create a trust among your followers and they can trust the person which they are following. 

Stop Sending Unsolicited Messages

Don’t send unwanted and unsolicited messages to your followers. It can be very annoying for them. They will remove you from there following list. However, you can send a welcome message to your followers when they started following you.

I have seen that many users start sending direct messages and most of them contain links and other promotional stuff. This is not a good way to increase networking.

Keep your account Updated

Always update your twitter account with the latest information. Make your tweets in short and use punching words. Don’t add commercial tweets too much. This will create distraction among your followers and looks unprofessional. Add pictures and videos with your tweets.

Add an elegant and good looking cover photo to your Twitter profile page. This will make your twitter account page more attractive and it also looks professional.

If you manage a website or blog, make sure that you have added a twitter following button to your website. This will make your website visitors follow you on twitter.

Keep Yourself Active

Don’t keep your twitter account dormant. I mean make tweets frequently to make sure that you have active interactions with your followers.

Use Hashtags in a tweet

Use hashtags with your tweets. You can pick up hashtags which are relevant to your tweets. Don’t add irrelevant hashtags. This will make your tweet trending in a particular topic and sometimes it will make the tweet viral.

Retweet Others

Retweet other peoples content. Sometimes we do not want to retweet others content. But there is no problem of retweeting others post if it is valuable to the users. It also helps to build a strong bond between two users.

Don’t buy followers

Most of us are busy buying services that can increase our twitter followership. However, I completely recommend that you avoid these types of services. Because the followers you are getting from these services are not genuine. After a few days, you will see a drop in your twitter followers.


These are some of the few tips which can help you to increase the numbers of your twitter followers. I hope that these tips can surely help you. If you have any thoughts or queries regarding this post. You can share it with us by dropping a comment below.  If you like the article, don’t forget to share it with others.






3 responses to “How to Increase Twitter Followers”

  1. Josh McLaglen Avatar
    Josh McLaglen

    I was using a Twitter automation tool and it was such a mess. Every-time I tried to use the tool my Twitter account gets suspended then my colleague referred me WizUgo [com]. Frankly speaking, I didn’t expect a lot from it too because of my past experiences. I was shocked after seeing the performance of WizUgo. It gifted me tons of followers in no time and I was very happy. And this tool is totally legit and safe i.e. your account won’t get banned from it. I now just love this tool. Thanks to WizUgo for making my account look good.

  2. Shafi Khan Avatar

    Great share Vishwajeet. Twitter is still an excellent platform for bloggers and marketers to receive good traffic and grow. I’m experimenting with few of these techniques already, let’s see how well it goes.

    1. Vishwajeet Kumar Avatar

      Hello Shafi,

      Twitter is also best social networking sites to drive huge traffic. Glad to know that you are already working on these techniques.

      Have a Great day 🙂

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