Whatsapp Have Been Come Up With 16 Different Emojis

Social media plays a major role in communicating with each other all over the world. One such media is the Whatsapp, which is useful to the users in various ways. It makes us chat with each other, with the help of Smartphone applications. Now, there are a lot of features, which were introduced to make your chats even more interesting. Emojis plays an important role in communicating with your friends.

WhatsApp emoji

Just think for a while without using emojis while chatting with your friends. Life will not be interesting without the use of emojis in your chat. As the famous proverb says, “Action speaks louder than word”, people use emojis where you can express your inner feeling to others rather than in words.The features in Whatsapp have been designed in customer friendly manner. The requirements are based on users need. In the new update, Whatsapp has changed its small digital image, which is used to express its idea through the electronic communication medium.

The new emojis are a set of small images and it is signed through Whatsapp, which is updated in the Google play store. Emojis are now providing so many funny expressions based on users expectation. With this user can able to get a clear view about the strategy of Whatsapp application emojis that were used.

Approach of Whatsapp

One of the most successful Social media applications, the Whatsapp has now come out with a stable version by introducing a lot of advancements. In the old version there is a possibility to lose our data but in the beta version, all our communications and files will be made secure by using a lot of advanced technology.

The secured privacy s introduced along with newly updated emojis and it also has a new feature of editing the messages in the conversation. It constantly modifies its specifications to efficiently communicate with others. In this modern world, a lot of people are accessing the social media of Whatsapp to chat with each other.

At present, there are totally 16 professional emojis available in the Whatsapp to share the information with digital icons. In the upcoming generation, even more advancements will be brought out depending on the user’s requirements. With respect to this, the Beta version of Whatsapp is working under the policies of APK mirror.

In a recent survey, it is found that one billion users in the world use the Whatsapp application. The performance of Whatsapp can be checked in the Beta version using a backup of data. It has a lot of features in the new emoji for gender equality and currently, the emojis are having the biggest platform which looks like a sticker.

Whatsapp emerges out with an updated version

We all know very well that people are getting interested in using emojis while chatting with their friends. This is the funniest application, which entertains the user in various ways with some specified functionalities. There are also other interesting features available in the Whatsapp network and it includes rolling on the floor laughing.

Its functionalities are it minimize the enlarged text and big size pictorial representation. A lot of emojis are already available in the Whatsapp applications, which possess different meanings.Counting on the rate of adoption in the online conversation, the user can use the independent features like emojis with it. They play a major role as people use this feature instead of text messages at the scheduled time.

Each emojis have different kinds of meaning with different expressions, which we can use depending upon the behaviorism. These emojis are made available in the messaging application where the people are communicating with each other directly. This makes the usage of Android mobiles better where the updated versions of emojis are made available in the android version of 10.2 and 7.1. This can be updated to the beta version of Whatsapp application by using play store or iPhone store depending on the users wish.

The main reason why people are using emojis rather that text is it reduces the manual typing work.In the updated version, there will be a usage of more number of emojis, which are an electronic icon.We can get the advancements in this feature by updating the whatsapp’s latest version. If the user is not interested in the updated version they can obviously move towards the beta version of it.

So many types of emojis are made available in this session to express the feelings of you instead of using the text messages. Especially, the skin types of emojis are made available to use in between the conversation. These smileys have a racial diversity with a single electronic icon in the conversation.Some emojis are available with different haircuts performing various performances.

There are lots of female emojis available with a different haircut, which performs various functionalities. In these days, it has become with the gender equality to quit an advanced conversation in Whatsapp. In the current scenario, the Unicode emoji committee certifies the counts of emojis. Some exceptional features of emojis are available in the Whatsapp conversations, which are related to professional workers. These are used in Android applications and the specifications are taken from the Internet operating system of version 10.2.

There is a requirement for an emoji to show in a slandered size in the Whatsapp application conversation. Mainly, the emojis are available in the application of the messenger by which we can update the latest version and send the data for the user. Arrays of the pictures are available in the new version and updated version of Whatsapp application organization.

Therefore these new groups of emojis are coming from the Unicode 9.1 version and it has a specification of gender equality. In the year of 2015, the new versions of emojis are fully supported by the notification system in the online.


Following updates of Emojis in Whatsapp application helps the people during the conversation by giving the exact emotions. The normal texting does not show the feeling but by using the emojis, we can express our happy, sadness, angry, love and so on to the person whom we chat daily. The size of the new version Whatsapp i.e. the required space for the updated version on your phone is 32.53 MB and it can be simply updated from the play store or an app store.

Already the WhatsApp have emojis but now they are created with 100 more emojis to liven up your chat and bringing a huge range of new photos, images, smiley faces and so many. This update will help the users to express the feeling in various kinds. After all, the new update also brings a large number of new gender diversity options in it, with the female versions of many jobs, sports and the activity emojis that previously had only the male symbol.

The new update is worth that sending of new Emojis and symbols to your friends but the issue is if they haven’t updated the app means it will pose some problems. So the Internet cannot understand the bonds of our minds between the peoples, as much as people may want it to do.






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  1. Praveen Verma Avatar

    I love the emojis and without it chatting will be so boring I use emojis more and more in my conversations. I think I need to update my Whatsapp account to use the latest emojis avaliable. Using emojis is very easy compared to texting messages and it is the best way to express expressions and feelings.

    Thanks for sharing this informative post with us.

    Have a great day.
    Praveen Verma

    1. Vishwajeet Kumar Avatar

      Hello Praveen,

      Yes, you have to update your WhatsApp to get the latest emojis. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

      Have a Great day 🙂

  2. niraj Avatar

    Hello Vishwajeet,
    emoji play a awesome role in any social massaging apps,I really like the smile emoji. and now i am Waiting for new emoji.

  3. Praveen Parashar Avatar

    hello Vishwajeet,

    i like emoji’s and also i am using in whatsapp and believe me i can’t chat without emoji’s

    Thanks for nice sharing.

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