Make your WordPress Website Blazing Fast with these CDN’s

Are you struggling with your website load speed?

If yes, then i must say your primary goal with your website should be to make it blazing fast and enhance the user experience.

And now as the whole world knows, Google the largest search engine has already announced faster loading websites as one of the ranking factors.

Is that making you worried?

If yes, Then don’t be, CDN’s are here to rescue. Wondering what the heck is CDN at all?

CDN basically stands for Content Delivery Network, and its functionality is to optimize the static files and storing in their servers located all around.

Does that complicates?

To making it simple, CDN providers saves the files with them and deliver to the reader from their closest server. And that result’s the site to load faster to your readers all around the world.

Now, here the idea of CDN’s are simple, to make your website load faster as they are going to be served by the nearby servers of your readers.


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Technically, these nearby servers called as edge servers. The above picture makes it more clear how the readers are getting served by the edged servers.

That states, that the load has been distributed, hence the site will perform the way better.

Makes sense?

Now you might say I am using SEO Optimized theme, Caching Plugin for your WordPress Website. In addition to those opted great Hosting provider too.

It’s great if you are doing so. But, the brutal fact that’s not enough!

CDN’s are being used not just to make your website blazing fast, at the same time secure WordPress blog from the spams and hacks too.

Now, though you understood the importance of it, I m sure you are ready to get one.

Now the actual dilemma arises.

Which one to choose, as there are plenty of options. Which will work for you?

And for the obvious reasons you want to invest on the best for your WordPress website.

Let me make it simple for you, by providing an overview on the best CDN’s in the industry. This will help opting for your website.

Best Content Delivery Networks (CDN’s) To Load the Website Faster



When it comes to the most powerful CDN, MaxCDN is always being on the top. It is being used by many of the big websites. And when it comes to the plans, they generally don’t offer any trial period on kind of plan. MaxCDN is now integrated with Stackpath.

But, to the surprise if your usage is more than 15TB, then they will offer a trial for you.

Plans starts right from $9/month for 1TB and the upgrades can be done according to the usage. A complete flexibility in this regard.

30 day money back guarantee can tempt to make an attempt. But, once you switch to MaxCDN, probably you don’t want the money back.

When it comes setting up on your website, it is as simple as toasting a bread in microwave. And if you are using W3Total Cache plugin on your website, it make it more simple. You just need to head over to the CDN settings page and input the details provided by MaxCDN.

Tempting? Read on, next one will be a breezer.



Cloud Flare is one of the CDN’s which is widely used. It’s popular and reliable too. It has both free and paid plans for your website. As, the servers are strong and performs effectively, even their free plans are enough for the small business owners and bloggers.

Many websites are being served by Cloud Flare. It’s easy to configure and the free cloudflare plugin make the job much easier. This will enhance the security for your blog or website too protecting from all the DDos attacks.

And, if you website traffic is high, it recommended to go with the paid plan which provides additional benefits and quite affordable too. The best part, it has 115 data centers which is incredible.

Visit CloudFlare

Amazon CloudFront

Amazon CloudFront Content Delivery Network (CDN)

The name itself can bring up the great trust factor. Amazon AWS Cloud Front is reliable and affordable too.

When it comes to their plans, they offers 1 complete year free tier offering all the benefits. That’s really incredible. Check out for the plan details here.

As above Content Delivery networks, configuring is pretty much simple. AWS Cloud front has the WordPress Free plugin available too.

Amazon CDN is new, but they have 69 edge locations so far on five continents. And as they are providing 1 year free service, so worth giving it a go, as there is nothing to loose.

Visit Amazon Cloud Front


CacheFly CDN Optimizing Content Delivery Revenue

CacheFly CDN is known for several reasons. It provides a 30 day trial for you, and challenges to stand out from the rest. To do that the company intends to the customer will get 100% money back if not satisfied.

CacheFly precisely founded in the year 2002. And continues to delivers its best and able to please their customers. giants like Procter & Gamble, Microsoft, Bank of America, Adobe, Budweiser are too in their customers list.

And that its self tells the whole story of CacheFly CDN. Apart from deliver and caching the files to it’s best, it will harden the websites security system.

Visit CacheFly


CacheFly CDN Optimizing Content Delivery Revenue

This is another big name in the market and trustworthy to go with. A 30 day trial period with 25 GB makes it much attractive. Their networks are wide around the globe.

KeyCDN offers to see the live usage of data used by your website. That shows the transparency between the customer and KeyCDN.

Now, not just the trial period makes it eye popping, their plans a are a little different too. They will charge on for the usage you made. So, no fix prices at all. The month data consumptions will reflect in the bill.

KeyCDN has their server in several location in all the four regions. Their instant support makes it more trust worthy.

Apart from the real-time reports, you can see several features which makes it secure and reliable. You are just a click away from the Content purging solution.

As mentioned above the prices are just the way data used, starts from $0.04/GB.

For more check out their KeyCDN’s Pricing Calculator.

Final Words on the best CDN’s

No wonder, everyone loves to navigate through the website which loads faster as possible. If the website loads around 2 seconds or lesser, you are going well.

But, it it takes ages, sorry no one has so much time to go through. It won’t take much time to hit the back button.

And, you are losing an opportunity to help the reader with the content, product. Just, assume if that happens all the time. Can you bare that loss?

This glimpse on the industries best CDN’s might have made you realize how important it is.

So which one sounded impressive to you?







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