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  • 8 ways to Optimize your WordPress Blog

    8 ways to Optimize your WordPress Blog. WordPress is widely using CMS for a blog. Today thousands of blogs are created by WordPress. WordPress is so intuitive and easy to manage that anybody can create a blog using it.  The plethora of themes and plugins can help to expand your blog to any level. Managing […]

  • 10 Best Handpicked WordPress Themes

    There are plenty of WordPress themes available on the Internet.  Some of them are free and premium themes. I personally recommend bloggers to use premium themes. In my previous articles, I had talked about the theme providers like Genesis framework.  In this article, I am providing you some best-handpicked WordPress themes which will help you […]

  • How to secure your WordPress blog without a Security Plugin

    How to secure your WordPress blog without a security plugin. You might find that weird isn’t it? Well in this post, I will show how you can do it. WordPress is one of the best and popular content management systems among bloggers to create a blog. WordPress is no doubt very secure platform but we […]

  • How to use PHP 7 with WordPress

    How to use PHP 7 With WordPress. Php 7 is one of the best and reliable versions of PHP. Using PHP 7 with WordPress will help you to speed up your website performance and security. PHP is one of the best coding languages for starting a website and WordPress is also written in PHP. PHP […]

  • Effective Marketing Strategies for WordPress Users

    WordPress has over 25 million users and even users prior to programming skills can use WordPress to create clean-looking applications, but every WordPress owner is aware of the fact that only developing a website is not enough. You also require an effective marketing strategy to gain more traffic. No matter how impressive or professional website design or […]

  • How to Deal with HTTP Error in WordPress

    You might notice the HTTP error while uploading images to your WordPress. This error happens randomly without any notice. I have also faced this type of issue. You try to upload images to your WordPress media and suddenly it stuck with saying HTTP error. There are various reasons for this error. In this post, I […]

  • Best SEO Plugins for WordPress

    Best SEO Plugins for WordPress. WordPress is widely used blogging CMS by bloggers. WordPress is so intuitive and easy to manage that it doesn’t require any technical knowledge. A plethora of plugins and themes makes it easier to operate and create a professional looking blog. Today I am talking about some best SEO plugins which […]

  • 8 Most Valuable E-Commerce WordPress Plugins

    Today users are bombarded with many options, when it comes to using a content management system or CMS, however, WordPress still remains one of the best choice for them. If you talk about the earliest stages of its evolution, WordPress actually came into the picture as a blogging platform, but now it is shaped as […]

  • Make your WordPress Website Blazing Fast with these CDN’s

    Are you struggling with your website load speed? If yes, then i must say your primary goal with your website should be to make it blazing fast and enhance the user experience. And now as the whole world knows, Google the largest search engine has already announced faster loading websites as one of the ranking […]