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  • Kinsta Premium WordPress Hosting

    Premium WordPress hosting is a trendy word in the hosting world. You often heard this word on various web hosting company slogans and on online communities. So, what exactly is a premium WordPress hosting? Well, there are many perspectives and criteria to determine a premium WordPress hosting. A Premium WordPress hosting provides you with the […]

  • Top 5 e-commerce Scripts to create a web store

    Top 5 e-commerce Scripts to create a web store. Today e-commerce sites are growing at a rapid speed. With the growing number of buyers online, Many companies are opening their online stores. You might wonder that these e-commerce sites are powered by e-commerce scripts.   If you are thinking of starting your own online store […]

  • Best and Reliable Web Hosting by Siteground.

    We all are looking for a best and reliable web hosting provider. The web is crowded with thousands of web hosting company. Every day a new web hosting company emerge on the world wide web. Finding a reliable web hosting provider is a very tough task. Webmasters easily attracted by cheap web hosting companies and ultimately not happy […]

  • VPS: What is it, and When to use it?

    Web hosting is a very important aspect of a successful blog or website. You might have heard of shared hosting account, and most probably if you are first time reading about VPS (virtual private server) then you are hosted on a shared hosting account. In a shared hosting account you share resources with other tenants, […]

  • MilesWeb Review: Best Linux Reseller Provider

    Are you a designer, developer or hosting expert looking to start your own web hosting company? Getting reseller hosting is the ultimate option to start your hosting journey. Once you have finalized to enter into hosting industry, the next step is to search for the best Linux Reseller provider, right? Not to worry, this review […]

  • SSL, Why you need it?

    SSL, Why you need it? You might want to know why you need an SSL certificates. The online world is so adventurous. We love to watch movies, playing games and do shopping online. But when comes to the security we always prefer sites with SSL. You have seen a green bar on the left side […]

  • How to Deal With Cloudflare 502 Error.

    How to Deal With Cloudflare 502 Error. Cloudflare is one of the popular Content Delivery Networks and It is also free. Many of you are using it to speed up your blog performance. I am also using it for my blog. But in many cases, you might notice the 502 error while browsing your website. […]

  • 4 Deadly Mistakes to Avoid when Choosing a Web Hosting

    4 Deadly Mistakes to Avoid when Choosing a Web Hosting. With the revolution of internet, the presence of online business companies are increasing over time and not to mention that the competition in the market is gradually increasing as well. In order to establish a good presence in the market, business companies hire PHP developers or […]

  • Lesser Known Web Design Facts

    Lesser Known Web Design Facts. To be able to understand what web design is all about, you will have to be willing to look past the apparent appeal of the website. It is what happens at the backend that makes the website appears so vivid and interactive. Different web browsers interpret websites differently due to […]

  • Beginner’s Tips for Launching an E-Store

    E-commerce has emerged as one of the most lucrative marketplaces currently available. Most traditional brick-and-mortar shops have revitalized their existing businesses by going online. Traditional markets are rapidly changing all over the world. If you don’t want your company to lose out to a competitor, then your business should be online. You can exclusively launch […]