Effective Marketing Strategies for WordPress Users

WordPress has over 25 million users and even users prior to programming skills can use WordPress to create clean-looking applications, but every WordPress owner is aware of the fact that only developing a website is not enough. You also require an effective marketing strategy to gain more traffic. No matter how impressive or professional website design or contents you have, if your marketing strategy is unreliable then you won’t be able to receive a tremendous amount of traffic. Various business companies are unsuccessful in boosting the product scales because of adopting wrong strategies, but WordPress users can use the following guidelines to make their online marketing strategies effective and successful:

Search Engine Optimization

To increase the visibility of a company and its brand you need to optimize your website for the searching engine. You might be able to gain traffic only through the social media channels, but if you would ignore the SEO then you would end up losing the tremendous amount of traffic.

You can use the following tips to increase your rank in the searching engine:

  1. Add high quality and long contents on your website because Google gives more weight to detailed and creative contents. Also, share your contents on social media platforms.
  2. Submit guest posts to other blogs in the same niche as your website.
  3. Create an SEO friendly website design, because if your website design is not SEO friendly then your website would not rank well. You can also hire PHP programmers to create a professional and SEO friendly website design.
  4. Use keywords with most searches, but with low competition for your website
  5. Create a responsive design for your application
  6. Make sure that your website has fast loading time
  7. Create high-quality links in high authority websites

WordPress owners can also utilize various WordPress SEO plugins, such as Yoast and Moz to boost their rank in the searching engine.

Social Media Marketing

Social media channels are most effective to promote traffic and products. But before deciding to use a social media channel, perform a thorough research that which social media channels are mostly utilized by your targeted audience. If you would use the social channels that are used by most of your audience then it would increase the visibility of your product to the audience.

Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube are the most commonly used platforms. There are various other social channels as well, but it is not possible to target each and every one of these social channels because you need to interact and engage with your audience as well.

Social media accounts require regular updates and if you would try to manage several social media accounts at the same time then your targeted audience might end up abandoning all of your social media accounts. Target only a few social channels and try to manage them properly.

WordPress owners should also add social sharing buttons on their website to allow the users to share the website contents with other users. Social sharing buttons also pass the signal of legitimate business to the users, but it also promotes traffic to the website.

Email Marketing

Email marketing allows the opportunity to the business companies to inform the potential customers about newly created product and services. It can also be used to convince a previous client about discounts and new products. Email marketing, companies can gain direct access to the customer’s inbox. But emails should have an eye-catching design because when user open the email before reading its contents, they judge the companies based on the email design.

Furthermore, make sure that you send the email to the customers at the appropriate time otherwise they would not read the contents. You would not want to send the emails in their office hours or during their sleeping hours. Email marketing can be used to increase the conversion, traffic and product sales of a business company.

There are various mistakes that are made by the designers or marketers when designing an email and following are the most common designing mistakes that you need to avoid in order boost your product sales:

  1. You never greet your customer
  2. You send an email with no-reply as your Name
  3. Email only focus on marketing product and not the customer
  4. Subject name of the email is boring
  5. The email contains only images with no links
  6. There is no clickable link in the email

Content Marketing

Content marketing is an effective way to extend your reach, drive more traffic and accomplish the business goals. If content marketing is used properly then it can boost traffic but many businesses are unsuccessful because of publishing short or poor contents. Companies also utilize infographics and videos in order to boost their sales.

WordPress is very effective and well known for content management, but the contents that you create should be easy to understand and they should directly fit into your brand. The more creative and more detailed content you would add the higher traffic you would get on your website.

Over To You

To receive a considerable amount of changes in your business and traffic growth you need to keep up with constantly changing internet marketing strategies. To become a successful WordPress website owner, you need to create a highly effective Marketing plan because without a strategy your business would not be able to survive in the market.







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  1. Bhawna Kaushik Avatar

    Hey Vishwajeet,

    Email marketing has its perks. It could be really hard to initially gather the leads but if you have sufficient data you can actually make a difference.
    Social media is also the same. Takes time to build an audience but once you have one, you can really do something.

    Keep up the good work 🙂

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