Best PS4 Games Under Rs.2000

Virtual Gaming has never been so prominent than right now. Every other kid has a PC or a gaming console(Xbox or PS versions) to experience this new and fascinating world of virtual reality. If we talk about what the latest in store for Sony’s PlayStation, then you can’t help but notice the impact the new PS4 Pro packs. And since its performance is so commendable it becomes necessary to have an equally impactful collection of games to go with it.

Best PS4 Games Under 2000

But if you are strapped of cash and still want to add some muscle to your games collection then fret not because we bring to you some classics that will be well within your budget of let’s say 2000 INR. These games mentioned below have been chosen according to their prices at the time of writing but are less likely to fluctuate and even if they do, they’ll stay well below 2K. The PS4 games priced within your budget are mentioned below:


Do you like hurting other individuals? Provided that this is true, consider putting some time into Mortal Kombat XL.

Brought to you with all DLC packs and updates, Mortal Kombat XL is the most fierce bundle you can get your hands on. Exemplary contenders, for example, the agile, gymnastic Tanya, rock dude Tremor and appalling yet-enchanting Bo’Rai Cho influence a lovely high-res return.

Additionally joining the 33-in number list are Horror film symbols Alien, Predator, Leatherface, and Jason from Friday the 13th. Each character offers a special and completely fledged battling style, joined by greatly vicious Fatalities and new Brutalities. Most characters have up to three varieties of battling moves, increasing the manners by which you can obliterate your companions (or adversaries).

The additional Brutalities, initially found in Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3, include another level of a joke to casualties, just occurring following particular catch contributions on close passing adversaries. With graphical and gameplay upgrades no matter how you look at it, Mortal Kombat XL is the encapsulation of cutting-edge battling recreations.

There’s a short true to life story that looks exquisite, yet it won’t be the reason you remain up late around evening time; no, that’ll be the chafing (yet fulfilling) web-based diversion modes. On the off chance that you thought ‘hard’ AI was irritating, simply hold up until the point when you meet a star player on versus. Make an effort not to crush your controller when you quit in rage.

The PS4 version of this game is priced at a laughable low cost of 1500INR considering its X- factor.

  1. INSIDE(1600 INR)

If by any measure you favor something more strange, frequenting yet unquestionably lovely, Inside is the tragic baffle platformer for you. From similar individuals who brought you Limbo comes a similarly damaging background.

Playdead Studios has figured out how to make a new story without losing any of the charms that made their first amusement so awesome. The workmanship style is more powerful this time around, including a solitary drop of red and yellow to the shading palette – it’s significantly stark yet, in addition, helps route all through the game.

Riddles will provoke you to move through dreadful toilets and submerged sinkholes, yet in addition, set you against various foes who look to hurt you. Despite the fact that you’re a young man with an honest red shirt on, there’s no shortage of animals and elements that need to slaughter you.

The bleak air is underlined by the 2.5D side-looking over setup, enabling NPCs to fly out at the player (fortunately this was not a component for Limbo – recollect that insect? No thanks) The world feels invigorated, notwithstanding being populated by thoughtless, zombie-like humanoids and machines.

In any case, don’t stress: we won’t ruin the story for you. For that, you’ll need to overcome the fear for yourself. For outstanding amongst other confound platformers at any point made, contribute some time and cash on this brilliant chunk.

The PS4 game price for this particular assignment has been set at a measly 1600 INR.


We’ve all honed our best “I’m the Batman” impression with our most gravelly, 40-a-day smoker’s voice – yet why not spare yourself a few pennies on throat capsules and get this deal?

Arkham Knight is the last bit of Rocksteady Studios’ lumpy Batman story – and it expectedly doesn’t disappoint. Following straight from Arkham City’s storyline the risk to Gotham is more prominent than any time in recent memory. With the Scarecrow and Arkham Knight taking positions as best baddies, there are additionally many Batman enemies wreaking destruction. Two-Face, Penguin, Poison Ivy, Riddler, Killer Croc: the rundown continues endlessly.

There’s likewise the expansion of the Batmobile. It’s exciting to pursue terrible folks in, yet additionally, a bomb when you’re simply cruising the scum filled street of downtown Gotham. Acting like a devoted dog that never strays too far away, the Batmobile can destroy adversaries in its tank shape, or help you in understanding riddles by getting to hard-to-achieve areas.

Arkham’s notorious merciless battle framework is still here, however with progressions in adversary AI. The strategic reasoning is fundamental for survival against some part of the harder, more mind-boggling enemies. Catch squashing won’t spare you here.

With a diversion ritzy with famous reprobates, an awesome story, and enhanced gameplay mechanics, Arkham Knight is a commendable successor and finale to the arrangement.

  1. THE LAST OF US(1380 INR)

Think you know zombies? The Last of Us doesn’t think along these lines, showing – among others – the clicker. These outwardly disabled, development spoiled individuals respond just to sound, and in case they hear you they’re presumably going to expel your throat. The clicking sound they make is so blood-going bad that it penetrates your sub-conscious to the extent that you’ll hear apparition clicks despite when they’re mysteriously gone.

In any case, this isn’t, for the most part, a preoccupation about zombies. It’s a diversion about humanity even with outright pummeling. You fill the role of Joel, a sprinter who ends up taking 14-year-old Ellie on a hazardous trip over the US. The two characters have been scarred by past events, which causes insurance between the match at in any case, however, the bond that creates between them sets up an exciting story that rivals anything from Hollywood.

While the story is a work of art alone, the gameplay is likewise as secures. It’s a survival preoccupation on the most key level, as you should examine for arrangements to make weapons and prosperity packs. You contribute a significant measure of vitality rummaging through spurned houses for arrangements, yet you’re for the most part at the edge of your seat if you continue running into a clicker or a social event of survivors.

Battles against various individuals can be especially unfeeling, especially on the off chance that you’re out of ammo (which happens a significant part of the time). This is far from the balletic mercilessness of most doing combating entertainments – there’s an occupied, awful frenzy to punch-ups that impacts them to feel horrendously real.

The Last of Us represents mankind and routinely enough, it’s the surviving individuals that are the most huge. It will impact you to lose trust in humankind, and get it back yet again. There are no holy people in this horrendous story, just survivors.

  1. THE DIVISION (1070 INR)

Fulfill your open-world shoot-and-plunder longings with this extraordinary strategic Tom Clancy edition, all while you save money for Ghost Recon: Wildlands.

We’re sure that stalking individuals through boulevards and rear ways before savagely wounding them in the back for some gleaming plunder aren’t great conduct – unless, obviously, you’re playing The Division.

In a filthy New York, a frightful smallpox pandemic has left the greater part of the city appalling. As a feature of the Strategic Homeland Division (or put essentially, ‘The Division’), you’re assigned with the task of determining the cause of the pandemic, and with revamping the group’s essence in the city.

You soon understand that, in the wake of the flare-up, an unreasonable number of road hiding hoodlums have assumed control parts of the city. Thus, you bring the arsenal. Grasping the plunder hoarder attracts quite a lot of suitors, so you must be ready for a similar type of unapologetic theft to happen to you.

We prescribe arousing up a force of companions to watch your back, however, as you never know who can confide ‘Oblivious Zone’, The Division’s PVP territory. Take your companions with you to handle the inexorably troublesome missions from the battle, which can be played solo or helpfully with up to three pals.

The harder the missions, the better the plunder. Along these lines, keep your finger solidly squeezed against the trigger, have your companions protect your rear and turn into an ultimate plunder machine.


“It’s a bloody marvelous time to be alive”. You know you’re in for an awesome visual reality when you hear these lines. Set in the Victorian Era of 1865, the game is primarily based on two main protagonists.

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate recounts the sensational story of the Frye twins. To start with up we have Evie, who has a more customary stealth-centered play-style. She is the quiet and repressible one, planning and plotting before following her target. And after that there’s Jacob. Jacob Frye is reckless and loud, however unquestionably enjoyable to play. He’s the sort of fellow you’d share clever chitchat with over a half pint at your neighborhood.

Add some new contraptions for faster movement, for example, the rope launcher, which transforms your slippery professional killer into a Victorian-Age Batman of sorts, and you have something for excitement.

As far back as the main Assassin’s Creed diversion, the free-running and parkour mechanics have been created to be slicker, somewhat less mad and, gratefully, less bugged. Carriage pursues are additionally a thing and man is it awesome, colliding with every damn near obstacle (counting individuals and different vehicles) on the path.

In case you’re still sulking from the way how Assassin’s Creed Unity treated you, consider giving Assassin’s Creed Syndicate an opportunity it’s without a doubt more refined for the PS4.

At an effective PS4 oriented game priced at 1231 INR, you couldn’t get a sweeter deal.

  1. FALLOUT 4 (1045 INR)

Things being what they are, you would not like to pay great cash to experience the ill effects of serious radiation harming the first time around? We don’t encroach you – however, at this cost you’d be a privilege Radroach not to.

Fallout 4 offers a shrewd advance forward for open-world gaming and, with the sparkling new designs, it makes a wide margin ahead as far as gameplay is concerned.

This Fallout, set in the peaceful atomic no man’s land of Boston, needs to give the player much more prominent opportunity of the decision. With another making framework, you can make your own particular settlements, shape a group of NPCs, construct and overhaul weapons, connections and – check this – your own energy covering. Blazing stripes and a jetpack are prescribed for those epic Deathclaw confrontations.

One thing is clear in Fallout 4: customization is vital to the survival of the Commonwealth. In normal Fallout mold, the freedom to settle on great and awful decisions all through the amusement is legitimately present. From waking up in an underground cryo-case, you can reason your odds trying to be a legend, or totally dump that and experience your darkest pillager dreams.

Loot a residential community of battling agriculturists, or assemble a settlement with the sole motivation behind tormenting any individual who lives there – we won’t pass judgment on you. Guarantee. With many hours of gameplay and incredible incentive for cash, it’s hard to contend why Fallout 4 isn’t on your rack.


Ever since the advent of technology, there has always been quite a lot of emphasis on leisure time, especially for children. Yes, there is an obvious downside to children taking up virtual reality games as a preferred pass time, that they won’t go out and do some physical exercises. But the thing with these gaming consoles is that they bring to life the most amazing of fantasies for the people with help of quality graphics and engaging storylines. Hence it is imminent the fact this new sector of gaming consoles and interactive will only grow and develop further in the coming years.






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