8 Strategies To Optimize Your Mobile Marketing Campaigns.

8 Strategies To Optimize Your Mobile Marketing Campaigns. Mobilegeddon has arrived, now it’s time that you make an optimizing mobile experience as an absolute priority. And at the end of 2014 mobile usage has successfully surpassed the usage of desktops for the first time. Studies have shown that 60% of the digital media even today is consumed on smartphones, tablets, figuring out what it was before and now.

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With mobile services been serving as the primary screens for 2015, its time that you take a serious look on your marketing campaigns with the mind frame especially in terms of how they are viewed on the go. Given here are the top 8 strategies you can optimize you can use to optimize your mobile marketing campaigns.

Developing mobile applications:

Today every industry be it banks, automobiles, taxi services, or the fast food restaurants do have an application of their own. where the customers can easily avail these services one way or the other. Mobile apps have made the organization’s services easily accessible to these individuals.

So make sure you have apps created that is user-friendly. Also, make sure that your application is easily available on all the mobile phone applications. Once everything has been chalked up ensure that it contains good content, has a catchy icon standing ahead of the competitors.

Know who your audiences are:

This is a rule that applies to every marketing strategy, especially mobile campaigns. It is important that you have had an understanding of your customers’ needs and requirements. Most users who open an email, or visit your landing page through mobile phones generally do so because they are in a research phase of purchasing and wish to learn more.

When they need to purchase they will likely open their laptops and finish their jobs. This does not mean that you overload your mobile phones with huge information whenever required. Instead, make it easy for all your clients and customers to come forward and learn about your products and services, and then redirecting them to your phone number.

Creating an offer:

Though this is something that works like web, do make sure that you create an offer that’s not just attractive but even simple enough with the minimum use of words so that it does not consume too much time of the viewers. So try and get noticed about the shops, followed by the products in the local area, with prices in particular locality making your effort successful as you can do to adjust and attract more number of people.

Study the Targeted segment:

Today’s generation of customers especially the youth cannot live without their mobile phones. Mobile phones have become the major identity for these individuals today. Moreover the mobiles today have even changed the way customers have been shopping on the e-commerce websites.

Through mobile phones, people continue to research brands, locate the stores and the last but not the least help in purchasing the products and services. This is why it becomes necessary that you inculcate mobile marketing into your business plan.

This makes sure you understand your customer’s strategy. Check out what are the applications used by them the most, and see if you can buy the ad spaces in those apps advertising your products and services.

Timing and Interest:

Time is considered to be the most important factor for any business you are dealing with. The entire period during which your ad has been delivered by asking your customer if he or she is interested in your offer is important.

 SMS Marketing:

SMS marketing even today is considered to be the most important part of the mobile marketing campaign. Through this, you can provide your customers an option of sign up followed by special alerts, reminders, enabling the customers to provide feedback whenever required. You can also have bit links added directing your customers to a particular landing page or the website.

Making the entire process easy:

Following along with the same thought, you need to make sure that your email campaign or the landing pages should be made easy for all the mobile phone users. Have your lengthy forms saved for the other areas as no one wishes to fill out the long forms in the mobile phones.

So have your optin forms that are clear and concise enough. Have a language used that will easily tell your clients and customers that it is easy enough to take action and can be done right there on the mobile screen. A simple name and email are all that is required.

The QR Codes:

One can easily explore their business using the QR codes. QR codes enable the business organizations to come forward and access the landing pages, websites, in order to get the information required. QR codes can be easily prepared and promoted through the BTL collaterals, flyers, leaflets, business cards etc.

To Conclude:

Hopefully, the above mentioned 8 major strategies can help you in creating better mobile marketing campaigns for your business. Remember that the magic of mobile phones is allowing businesses to weave together the strategies from promotions to social media followed by the customer service. So what other strategies would you like to add to the blog post above? Do leave your thoughts in the comments section below.






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    Hi Vishwajeet,
    You have given some very important strategies to increase and execute mobile marketing. As you said, studying the target audience and knowing the audience well helps in devising a good strategy for marketing. Well said about QR codes, have almost never thought about using them for marketing. Will try to implement it.Thanks for sharing the post.

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