Best SEO Techniques to Rank Your site in 2018.

Best SEO techniques to rank your site in 2018. SEO world is very dynamic and changing from time to time. To retain the rankings in the Search engine you have to implement the new strategy according to latest search algorithm updates especially if you are trying to rank in Google.  However, every search engines follow the same ranking factors but Google is still dominating the search markets.

Best SEO Techniques For 2018

Things are changed in the past 1 or 2 years. Google now becomes smarter and can catch any spam easily.  Many big sites are punished by Google or some new sites get a spike in their rankings. So, Google’s new search updates make webmaster work hard in order to gain ranking.

So, in this article, I will try to show you Best SEO Techniques which you can follow in 2018 to gain ranking on Google. Here are a few techniques which you might consider this year.


Content is still dominates on your entire search engine ranking factors and it will be in future also. Content is king and Google loves the site with rich and relevant content. If your site have good content than it might be a big factor for you. Some of the bloggers try to use article spinners to rewrite other articles, but actually, it does not make any sense to me. Spun articles are useless, meaningless and out of the motto of your site. So, according to me don’t use article spinners. If you are not be able to write yourself, than you can hire writers to write relevant content for your site.

Guest Posting

Some of us assume that guest posting is dead now. But the fact is completely different from it. Guest posting is still an effective way to increase your site SEO score. Guest Posting on authority sites can help you to increase the audience and also helps you to gain quality backlinks. Guest posting can also increase your branding level of your site or blog. Do not do guest posting to manipulating the backlinks as it will consider as pure spam by Google.


Backlinks are fully depends on the quality of your content. No one can give you backlinks for your poorly written content. If you write great content than more people will link to your site. It will help you to increase the natural backlinks. Do not use auto backlink creating software because it will create bad backlinks sources.

Blog commenting

Blog commenting is still not so relevant for SEO because most of the blogs provide you no follow backlinks for your comment. However, blog commenting can increase the visitors of your blog. If you drop a comment on high authority blogs which is relevant or add value to the content of the article than people will visit your site as well. I personally experience it as the very effective way to drive traffic.

Social Media Sites

Social networking sites are playing a very important role in your site SEO. It will help you to get targeted visitors and increase your visitors. When you write a post or update your old content, Always share it on your Social networking sites like Your Facebook page, Google+, Twitter etc.

Web Directories

Web directories are not so much useful in these days. Most of the free directories are filled up with junk sites. However, There are some web directories still online which are edited by human and are paid directories. You can use these paid directories to list your site and get some quality backlinks.

Page Loading Speed

Page loading speed matters a lot in these days. Google won’t like your website if it takes minutes to load.  On Average if your site loads more than 3 seconds then users will bypass your site and move on. You will lose some potential customers and sales. You should have to focus on your website loading speed. Optimize your images, Use fewer ads and javascript. Use CDN services like Cloudflare etc to speed up your website performance.


These are some of the techniques which you can use to rank your site in search engines. Hope you will like this article and the tips mentioned here will help you a lot. You have any thoughts or queries regarding this topic you can share it with us. Just drop a comment below.






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