How to Increase Alexa Ranking.

How to increase Alexa ranking? This is one of the questions that always comes up in the bloggers and webmasters mind. I have received many emails from my readers asking how to increase Alexa ranking.

In this post, I am going to show you some solid tips to increase your Alexa Ranking. Before I start, I want to tell a few things for you.

What Is Alexa?

First of all, Alexa is a third party ranking metrics which accumulate roughly estimated data of your site traffic. The data is not precise or accurate until you bought the premium services of Alexa. However, It is one of the popular metrics considered by many advertising sites.

Does it have an impact on SEO?

Alexa ranking does not have anything with your SEO. Increasing your Alexa ranking does not mean that you will rank better in search engines. As I have already said it is a third party metric.  So, It does not have an impact on your search engine rankings and SEO.

How to Increase Alexa Ranking

Alexa Ranking can be increased in various ways. In this post, You will aware of some tips and tricks to increase your Alexa ranking. Here are some of the factual and effective ways to increase your Alexa ranking.

#1. Update your website/Blog Regularly

This is very important and fundamental steps to increase your Alexa ranking. Write quality and relevant content to your blog to keep it fresh. This will drive more traffic to your blog. Make a habit of updating your website or blog regularly.

#2. Do some on page SEO

Make your site more SEO friendly by doing some on page SEO Work. Make your site navigation easy. Interlink your posts to increase more user engagement.  Use Proper heading tags in your content. I highly recommend you to use Yoast SEO Plugin for best SEO optimization of your blog.

#3. Create plenty of Backlinks

Backlinks are very important as it is considered as the backbone of your site. Creating quality backlinks is very important to rank your site in Search engines. Keep a good ratio of quality backlinks from high authority websites. You can do Guest posting, Blog commenting, Social network sites etc to create good and quality backlinks.

#4. Do proper keyword Research

Keywords play a great role to determine your ranking in search engines for a particular word phrase.  This is very important steps in search engine rankings. You can use SEMrush for proper keyword research. This is an excellent tool to find a good and high performing keywords for your blog.  You can also use long tail keywords to cut down the competition and increase your performance in search engines.

#5. Use Alexa Extension in Chrome

If you are a big fan of Google Chrome like me then you might install the Alexa extension. It comes by default. You simply have to activate the extension. It will help you to increase Alexa ranking. When you visit the site, It will give you exact data about your Alexa ranking. You can also monitor other sites ranking.

#6. Install the Alexa widget on your blog

Installing an Alexa widget to your blog is definitely helps you to increase the Alexa ranking.  If you are completely starting your blog then installing it on your blog is not a good idea. However, If you have Alexa rank under 1 million then installing it on your blog definitely helps you to improve your Alexa Ranking.

#7. Purchase Alexa certified Metrics

Purchasing Alexa certified Metrics can help you to increase your Alexa Ranks. When You buying this service, Alexa provides you more accurate and precise data of your site traffic. You can avail this service if you have the budget for it.

#8. It takes time

Alexa ranking won’t improve overnight. You have to work patiently on every aspect of your website. It takes time. Keep a consistency and proper strategy to improve your site traffic and user engagement. Build your blog as an authority online. When you work on the above steps, You will notice that your Alexa rank is improving slowly and steadily.

Over to you

Though Alexa ranking does not have any direct impact of your site SEO. Whilst it is one of the metrics considered by some Advertisers. These are some of the best steps to increase your Alexa ranking. I hope you will find this post helpful. If you have any questions feel free to ask in comments. Do not forget to share the post on your social networks.






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