9 Simple Email Marketing Tips to Improve Your Open and Click-through Rates

Email Marketing

Today entrepreneurs and business setups have switched to the digital modes of marketing. Email marketing is one of them. You can immensely improve your open and click-through rates with some simple tips. Since I have subscribed to one of the Frontier Internet packages, it was easy for me to research some of the simple, yet very effective Email marketing tips. I am going to share them with you in this blog post.

Take Your Email Marketing Strategy to the Next Level

Following are the nine important tips to up your strategy:

Switch the “From” Name

While you are emailing something, you see three important things: the sender’s name, message preview, and subject line. That’s not too much of a work and every character is important, so, make sure you count every character.

Think that whenever you send an email to a present or prospective client, how they would appear when they reach their destination! Are you using your own or the company name for it? Research shows that the emails coming from a person’s name have a much higher open and click-through rate as compared to the emails, which are sent from a company name.

Personalize your Emails

Get personal with your clients! It truly works! That’s the reason personalizing subject lines is a really common practice. Research indicates the same when it comes to campaign emails. The personalized emails had a higher click-through rate (on an average) of 17.36%.

Enlighten Yourself with the Length Limits

Know about the character count of each segment of the email. As a general rule of thumb, 50 characters is the justified and plausible character limit for the subject line. Also, consider the different types of email formats that are there such as desktop, mobile-optimized, and so on. If you are still not convinced then, know that around 66% of the total number of emails are opened on cell phones now. Therefore, it becomes crucial for you to know how to draft a perfect subject line for every email according to every context.

Pre-header Tweaks

Just when you look at the email that lands in your inbox, know that the subject line and the text accompanying it are called the preheader. The length can vary according to email service that you are using. Gmail allows you to work with 100 characters. If your subject line is specifically long, you should perhaps forget about the preview text that the email might show up.

To take the benefit of this, ensure that you keep your subject line at the maximum of 50 characters. You can make a compelling case for the reader to open the email. Also, make sure that your subject line is flowing logically into the initial lines of the email. This will prompt the reader to know more. You can also use the call to action phrases to trigger responses.

Don’t Use 4-Letter Words

If you are wondering what 4-lettered words are, then know that in the world of email marketing, they are equivalent to words like help, free, reminder, and percent off. Other words which are a big No-No are quote, cash, and save. If you use these words in the subject line, it can trigger a spam filter. This means your email will land in the junk mail folder instead of an inbox.

However, research shows that spam filters have lately become more aware contextually than before. So, if you are someone who likes to take risks, then know that even we don’t suggest avoiding these words completely. Rather use them in a non-spammy way.

Don’t Worry About the Best Time and Days to Send Emails

There’s no such thing as the most appropriate or best time to send your emails really. If this myth had any reality, everyone in the world would send emails on that day and time, making it the worst and most packed time to send any emails at all. What you can do is to know the industry trends and then find the will to begin experimenting. As a general trend, know that email open rates actually drop off on the weekends, and emails, which are sent on Tuesday-Thursday get the best open rates (but they will also have to compete with the massive volume of other emails). For the right time, early morning and late night have an interestingly high level of engagement.

Consider Making a Long-Term Content Investment

Once you have managed to entice someone into opening your email and have grabbed their attention, you simply cannot let it go. You should know that poor content is one of the top reasons why people decide to unsubscribe from emails. Just because they have opened the email, doesn’t mean they will pause and stay. Make sure your content is worth their attention and time. Otherwise, they will not even take a moment to switch to the next email. Come up with original and quality content for your email marketing. Investing in good content is not a bad idea.

Be Negative

Ever wonder why the tabloid magazines do extremely well!  Or, why is it so easy to spend hours reading the Buzzfeed and other news outlets? Well, it’s the element of controversy that entices us. So, don’t be afraid to incorporate a few negative/controversial words in the preheader text! It will tempt your readers to open the email and if the content is good quality, they will read it all. You will notice that of the two versions of the same thing, the clear winner would be the one with a little negativity.

Use Bullets/Numbered Lists

It is common sense that huge chunks of content will not grab the attention of the reader. Rather, small and crisp bullet points or numbered lists are easy to scan and skim through. They also help in understanding the content in a few seconds. Know that this is not an accident that all of us prefer the aforementioned layout and format. We are actually wired to like the classification systems, organized things, and knowing the quantitative length of things before actually reading them.

Email marketing has empowered Digital Marketing in ways unlimited. Since I love reading emails that enlighten me about a brand or a service that I’m interested in, I can fairly tell how competent and efficient someone is with their email marketing strategies. Therefore, take the advantage of the aforementioned tips that I have suggested based on my reading experience and research with my Frontier Internet subscription. You are guaranteed to see positive results!







12 responses to “9 Simple Email Marketing Tips to Improve Your Open and Click-through Rates”

  1. Dharmik Babariya Avatar

    Hey Stephenn,

    Amazing post! Email marketing is one of my favorite strategy of marketing. Qualitative and trustworthy emails attract your customer and so that it might possible that you will get more CTC. You mentioned all points very effectively. Keep up the good work.

    Have a great day!

    Best wishes,
    Dharmik Babariya

    1. Stephen Mills Avatar
      Stephen Mills

      Hi Dharmik,
      Thanks for commenting. I think Email marketing is the best source of increase Click-Through Rates

      Stephen N.Mils

  2. Moss Clement Avatar

    Hi Stephenn,

    You did pretty well in this article. Email marketing is a great way to increase traffic, leads, and sales. The tips here are phenomenal. However, my take here is personalization. Personalizing your email will definitely improve clicks and open rates because it makes recipients feel that you care about them. There is no better way to make someone feel loved and cared for than to use he name.
    I also want to add that email segmentation also improve opens remarkably, because not all your target market are in the same stage of their journey, which means Mr. A’s email message might not resonate with Mr. B. So try to segment your emails according to recipients needs.

    1. Stephen Mills Avatar
      Stephen Mills

      Hi Moss,
      Thanks for commenting. yes i’m agreed with your statement “Mr. A’s email message might not resonate with Mr. B. So try to segment your emails according to recipients needs.”
      i have a suggestion first email to all persons which you feel related with your business and wait their response
      and list out those emails which are responded. That list will help out next time when you emailing them.

  3. Gaurav Kumar Avatar

    One should start email marketing from day one. Email marketing is not only their to grab email ids but it serve multiple purposes. You can pitch the affiliate products in your email to the subscribers and boost the traffic to your blog posts the same time.

    Glad you covered all helpful points.

    1. Stephen Mills Avatar
      Stephen Mills

      Thanks for responding. yeh i agreed with your arguments “ou can pitch the affiliate products in your email to the subscribers and boost the traffic to your blog posts the same time.” After sending an email list out those persons which are responding. That list will help out next time like remarking.

  4. niraj Avatar

    Hello Stephenn,
    Now A Days Email Marketing Becomes A Ultimate Way Which Helps You To Get Success Very Easily,previousley i used the bulk sms service but that was not good,now I am using email marketing to increase my click-through rates. i am sure This tips will be helpful for me.

    1. Stephen Mills Avatar
      Stephen Mills

      Hi Nirja,
      Thanks for commenting. i’m feel email marketing will Improve Click-Through Rates and increase conversions

  5. Bikram Avatar

    Hey Stephenn

    Awesome article. Email marketing can really make a difference and the tips provided by you are really accessible.

    We at Brainpundits also rely on e-mail marketing.

    Thank you for a thoughtful article. Keep up the good work

    1. Stephen Mills Avatar
      Stephen Mills

      Hi Bikram,
      Thanks for commenting. I think that email marking is the best way to improve conversions.

  6. Donna Merrill Avatar
    Donna Merrill

    Hi Stephen,

    Very good suggestions for making your email list pay off.

    Email marketing is easily THE best way to profit from your blog or other online business.

    I think what it boils down to is, as you have suggested in different ways… that you must be personal and real.

    That’s how you make your content irresistible, and how you keep people coming back to read more.

    Then you build your monetization methods on top of that solid relationship you have created.


  7. Rajat Avatar

    really nice article thanks

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