Increase ROI by Redesigning your Landing Pages

Landing pages is the most crucial part of the website and majority of the conversions arrive through the landing page. Business companies redesign the landing pages to increase their ROI (Return-On-Investment). Some companies even utilize A/B testing between two versions of a website to determine which version of a website has higher conversion rates.

When a user searches for a query in the search engine, millions of web pages appear as a result. The user cannot launch and analyze every website that appears in the SERPs. They launch a few websites and judge them based on their GUI and if a website presents poor and confusing UI to the user than the user is most likely to find an alternative.

Even if a website has a poor design and low conversion rate, the users can either hire Programmers to redesign the application or the owners can redesign the landing pages to promote the conversion rate and traffic.

To redesign the landing pages, you can use the following guidelines:

Display Strong Portfolios in the Landing Pages

Portfolios can help the audience to assess the skills and quality of the product or services provided by a company. You can add a few samples of your best work in the landing page. With strong portfolios, you will be able to display the most accurate and eye-catching information about your business. Portfolios will help you to gain more accessibility and visibility in front of the audience.

Display Customer Reviews

Customer always prefer to hire experienced and reliable companies. With the vast usage of internet, now most of the orders are made online and to ensure the customers that you are providing legitimate services with quality products, you need to add a few reviews at the landing page. But do not bombarded the landing page with too many reviews to maintain a clean and a professional look in your website design.

Provide Upfront Feedback to the Customers

Users are not going to stick to your website to find the questions that appear in their mind. You should provide the answers to the obvious questions about your product or services to the customers, because rather than asking for the missing information. They would prefer to look for an alternative brand.

Implement Easy Navigation

Always prefer to implement the navigation structure in HTML because Google bot cannot index everything that is created in flash or JavaScript and also add a simple navigation in you website to make it easier for the audience to explore your website. Websites with easier navigation structure can retain the audience for a longer period of time. SEO and user-friendly navigation also makes it easier for Google spider to index your website contents more effectively and efficiently.

Integrate Social Media Channels

Various free tools are available in the market that allow the users to implement social media sharing buttons in a website. Social media sharing buttons would not only allow the users to share your product or business information to friends and relatives, but it would also open doors to additional traffic. Furthermore, you should also connect your website with all of your social media channels to redirect traffic to your other channels as well.

Add Contact Information to Make Landing Page Trustworthy

User always judge the business companies based on the website design and if you want to deliver the signal of trust and reliability to users, then you need to add the location of your business and the contact number at the landing page. So that the customers could confirm that your business is not spam because various spam companies are targeting users and stealing money by offering online services.

Add a Contact Form in the Landing Page

Only providing the upfront feedback is not enough because every user that land at your website would be different. Some users might wish to contact you to ask certain questions or to negotiate the price of product or services, but if there is no means of contact between the company and the audience then you would even lose the customers that might be interested in your brand or services.

Make your Landing Page Faster

Google bot and users both abandon slow landing pages. Slow loading pages cause indexing issues when Google bot tries to index your website and as a result your website rank is demoted in the searching engine. Even if you offer great contents and quality products in your website, if your website is slow then users would not bother to look around and order a product. If your website has slow loading speed, then speed up your website loading time without wasting even a second.

Landing Page should Portray Business Objective

Clearly define the objective of your company and the reason of its existence in the landing pages. Use the home page to provide a clear sense of brand to the users, because users would use it to assess the type of products sold by the company.

Landing page allow the audience to discover your brand and company. Designing an appealing landing page would not only attract additional traffic to your website but it would also increase the chances of converting users into loyal customers and followers.






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