How to Check If You’re Outsourced PPC Agency Is Doing Its Job Properly or Not

We can understand that the decision of outsourcing PPC management services or keeping them in-house is a complex one! It is a decision that every entrepreneur needs to think about comprehensively. Many start-ups or small companies manage their own PPC, which is acceptable in the early days.

However, when you have spent a reasonable time in the industry, and have expanded greatly, there arises a need for an expert hand to take care of your PPC requirements. You can still carry out your own PPC, however due to elevated ventures and commitments it will be next to impossible for you to devote substantial amount of time that you earlier used to devote.

Therefore, we would recommend you to outsource PPC services to a reputed agency that has been previously involved in PPC campaigning and auditing. PPC agencies have all the expertise and knowledge that is required to take your marketing goals to the next level.

However, many PPC agencies play gimmick, by documenting themselves as paramount service providers who are adept in providing almost every type of service related to digital marketing. But, who knows whether they will stand true to their commitments or flunk without a trace.

You must have come across many posts on “how to hire an ideal outsource PPC company” or “things to check before finalizing upon a PPC company”, but what about if you have already outsourced PPC managements services to an agency, and are unsure about its capabilities to handle your PPC campaigns? We will help you get past this dilemma.

Monitoring account activity

With the latest upgrades, AdWords now has a ‘change history report’, which will provide you with an insightful report of all the changes made till date to your account and campaigns. If your account is actively spending money, but the last change made to your account dates back to 2015, your PPC agency might not be working to its fullest potential.

However, before confronting your agency, give it the benefit of doubt by finding the answer to these questions –

  • Does your business experiences seasonality?
  • Does your AdWords account have a substantial history of optimized performance?

If the answer to these questions is a straightforward NO, you can proceed with your confrontation. However, do keep in mind that there is a strategic thought process behind many actions and in-actions. Give that agency a chance to explain, before chalking out a conclusion.

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Reviewing match types

One of the major elements that can easily provide you with a clear vision about your campaign and its goals is the “match types”. Using broad-match keywords may be a part of a strategic move to generate awareness about your brand or a simple sign of mismanagement and carelessness towards ad campaign.

However, again, before confronting the agency, do perform a basic audit of the account

  • Does the campaign have negative keywords? As negative keywords, expunge out any possibility of wasteful spending.
  • Is the campaign used for re marketing purposes? As broader keywords could be beneficial for re marketing efforts.

Assessing the search terms

You AdWords account have another feature. The “search term report” which documents the keywords, which the people actually used before clicking on your ad. It is very beneficial to verify the broad match type that is mentioned above.

In conclusion, if you have outsourced PPC services to an agency. please have them the benefit of doubt as they certainly are the specialists in this field and they very well know what they are doing. However, this may not be the case sometimes and you ought to have an insight whether they are doing their job properly or not.






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