Promote the Conversion Rate of E Commerce Website during Holiday Seasons

With constant evolvement in technology, competition is gradually rising in the market. It is becoming tough for companies to maintain and promote their brands. Design of the web application is an important factor to increase conversion rate and traffic of an eCommerce website, because if the design of your eCommerce website is not eye-catching then the customer would not bother looking at the products that are offered for sale. Creative and clean-looking website design also improve the bounce rate of web applications.

Online shopping has become a trend now, but just because a company possess an online presence doesn’t mean that the conversion rates are high as well. Companies require to produce effective and productive marketing strategies in order to boost their sales before holiday seasons. Before every thanksgiving, Christmas or particular celebration holidays, there is a marvelous growth in product sales in the market because customers buy products in advance to enjoy the holidays for traveling or visiting their relatives.

But before the kick-start of the shopping season, the companies require to produce a marketing plan to make their marketing efforts successful.  To achieve higher conversion rates during the holiday seasons, companies can utilize the following guidelines to step-up their revenues:

Expand your Reach in Social Channels

Social media platforms contain tremendous traffic and to raise the product sales, business companies need to expand their reach on social channels. If you want to invite the customers to your online store then you need to get your product in front of your audience. Potential customers are likely to check out the new stores for shopping with the idea that the new stores would offer reasonable prices but if you wish to double your marketing sales then you need to convince customers to try your product first and perform the checkout process via emails, before the customers move to other stores.

Offer Free Product Shipping

One of the major benefit of online shopping is that the customers are delivered products at home without any convenience. Majority of the companies add the shipping expenditures to the product price after a customer decide to buy a product but adding the cost of transportation services end up increasing the total cost of the product. The total cost might convince the customers to cancel the order and try out another nearby store. But to keep the customer from canceling the order, you can offer free shipping to the customers. Not all the companies provide free shipping and free product delivery services, but free delivery services would give you an advantage over your competitors.

Go mobile

Mobile usage has increased over the years and with vast cell phone internet usage, majority of the companies have upgraded eCommerce website to responsive design. So, that they could expand their reach to the customers. In addition to a mobile friendly website design, successful companies have even developed app version for their web applications in order to provide offline access of brand and products to the customers.

Roll Discount and Deals in Advertisements

Before holidays and special events, online shopping companies offer discounts on products. Special deals and discounts always persuade customers to check new online retailers. Using discounts and deals on products could motivate the customers to buy a product from the company. During the holidays, the amount of product sales and website traffic drop to minimum and to fill the lowest sales gap in the holiday seasons, the companies can devise a plan to promote product sales before the beginning of holidays.

Re-target Customers

Advertisements can be a great strategy to improve conversion rate for an eCommerce website. For an increased conversion, it is advisable to re-target the customers with different products, because customers might not like a few products that are displayed through the ads, but there might be some discounts and special offers that would divert the attention of potential customers to your eCommerce website.

To achieve a higher standard in the market, business companies are performing advanced analysis on their competitors to find their source of traffic in order to promote and boost their product sales.

But during the holiday seasons, it is convenient for the companies to increase their sales because consumers either buy products before or after the holidays. But to increase the product sales, companies require to focus on the website design, SEO and social media channel as well. Even small changes in website design and marketing strategies can turnover an eCommerce website into a gold mine.






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