SEMrush, Best keyword research Tool.

Keywords play a great role in SEO. Keywords determine your ranking in the search engine result page for a particular word or phrase. I always suggest my readers use a keyword research tool.

There are many keyword research tools available online. But an effective keyword research tool is very important to make most out of your blog SEO. In this post, I am going to tell you about one of the best keyword research tools that not only help you to find the right keywords but also help you with your site SEO. You can say it is a complete SEO package.



SEMrush is a complete SEO and keyword research tool that empowers your site to perform well in search engine. It is one of the best and comprehensive keyword research tools that help you to optimize both of your site On page and Off page SEO.

It is also used and trusted by some leading  Pro Bloggers and Web Marketers. There are several things which makes SEMrush a complete SEO tool. Let’s check out some of its features:

Its comes with Intuitive Admin Panel.

SEMrush Admin Panel

The backend or admin panel of SEMrush is very intuitive and easy to use. You will find all the necessary menus and tool options just the left side of your dashboard.  You can add your sites and see its performance and other options. It gives you every detailed report of your site with just a single click.

Multiple analyzing options

You can use the SEMrush tool in two different ways. You can either search it with Domain phrase or you can use it as keywords. For domains, you have to insert a particular domain to be analyzed by it. It will show you the detailed report of the domain like Top performing keywords, Top competitor sites, SEMrush rank, etc. This will show you the complete statistics of your site SEO.

When you use it for Keyword phrase, you simply have to insert the keywords for which you want to show the report. It will provide you a detailed report of that particular keywords like organic search volume, CPC,  phrase matched keywords, related keywords etc.

These are the key data which help you to analyze your site and choose best performing keywords for your blog.

SEO Content templates

SEO Content Templates

This is a very comprehensive tool from SEMrush. SEO Content templates work in simple 3 steps. You have to insert your desired keyword after that the tool will analyze the top 10 result of that particular keyword and shows you the recommendations for creating quality and SEO friendly Content.

SEO Writing Assistance

SEO Writing Assistant

This is a brand new feature from SEMrush.  It helps you to craft an SEO friendly content by analyzing your content.  It also comes with Google Docs which means if you are using Google Docs to craft posts then it will analyze your whole content in real-time and provide you appropriate suggestions. It also comes as a WordPress Plugin. You can download the plugin here.

Lead Generation tool

Lead Generation Tool SEMrush

This tool helps you to increase the lead generation on your website or blog. You simply have to add the widget to your blog. Your visitors and users will review their websites free of cost on your website. You will get all the leads directly to your inbox. It is as simple as it.

Create your Own report

My Reports

You can create your own comprehensive reports from your dashboard and download it as PDF. You can also create custom reports for your website and keywords. You will get all the reports and data with this report that helps you to improve your blog and campaigns as well.

Plans and Pricing

My Reports

SEMrush comes with both monthly and annual plan. It comes with three plan options Pro, Guru, and Business. The pro plan costs you $99.95 per month. However, you can opt for an annual plan option and save over $800.

I will suggest you go with Guru plan which cost you $199.95 per month. This plan comes with 30k result per report and 5000 reports per day.  Click here to sign up with SEMrush.

All of your purchase comes under 7 days money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with them, you can ask for refunds.

Pro Vs Guru Plan. Why you go with Guru Plan?

Here are the differences between these two plans. Let’s check them out:

Pro plan comes with:

  • 10K result per report.
  • 3k reports per day.
  • 5 projects.
  • 500 keywords to track.
  • 100000 pages to crawl.
  • 50 social profiles monitoring.

Guru Plan includes all basic features of Pro plan. Plus it comes with:

  • 30K result per report.
  • 5k reports per day.
  • 50 projects.
  • 1500 keywords to track.
  • 300000 pages to crawl.
  • 100 social profiles monitoring.
  • Historical data.
  • All available reports.
  • Branded PDF Reports.
  • 2 additional users.

You can also switch between plans. Which means you can easily upgrade and downgrade your plan according to your needs and there are no hidden charges behind it.

SEO is a very changing world. You have to adapt yourself to new SEO trends. To ensure that you always rank better in search engines. A keyword research tool is necessary. Empowering and helping thousands of marketers and bloggers SEMrush have gained a lot of popularity and faith among them. Though it is quite costly I think its worth it.

Over to you.

It’s every webmasters and blogger’s dream to rank better in search engines. With SEMrush you can fulfill your needs and boost your ranking. It is a complete SEO tool that comes with lots of intuitive and awesome features. There is no reason that you cannot try it.

I highly recommend you to use this tool. It does not only help you find the right keywords but also help you to keep a close eye on your competitor’s sites. Let me know how it works for you? Just share your thoughts in the comment section. Like the post? Share it on your social networks.






5 responses to “SEMrush, Best keyword research Tool.”

  1. Bhawna Kaushik Avatar

    Hey Vishwajeet

    Awesome post. I believe SEMRush and Aherfs both are amazing but when it comes to value for money I think Ahrefs has the edge. What do you think?
    I personally use a bunch of free tools including Keyword planner, keywords everywhere and KWfinder.

    1. Vishwajeet Kumar Avatar

      Hello Bhawna,

      Yes, Indeed, SEMrush is quite expensive compare to ahrefs. But I thinks its far better than ahrefs if you compare the features. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

      Have a Great Day 🙂

  2. Brain Pundits Avatar

    Hello Vishwajeet,

    We at Brainpundits actually use Semrush and it is one of the best tools for doing keyword research. Thank you for the awesome review.
    Have a good one 🙂

  3. Praveen Verma Avatar

    Great review from your side about SEMrush keyword research tool. Yes, there are many keyword research tools available online, but choosing the right one is a difficult task. SEMrush provides lots of amazing features to its customers and helps in making their marketing strategies more effective in a right way. SEMrush is one of the best digital marketing tools.

    Have a great day.
    Praveen Verma

    1. Vishwajeet Kumar Avatar

      Hello Praveen,

      Glad you like the post. Thanks for stopping by 🙂


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