5 Common Mistakes That Beginner Bloggers Make

When starting to write for a business blog, beginner bloggers may be tempted to do certain actions which may seem right and necessary, but are not very important. These actions are represented by the common mistakes beginner bloggers tend to do.

Blogging may seem as an easy task that can be performed by almost any person. One of the basic definitions says that blogging implies writing content for a blog on a particular topic. For this reason, blogging may not be perceived as a job. However, when people find themselves in the position of a blogger, they can see that it is pretty difficult.


Blogging is done with a particular reason. Each blog post serves a purpose. Whether it is to attract traffic to a certain website or to form a community, this type of content is written in order to fulfill a certain task. This is one of the most important rules that beginner bloggers need to understand. It stands at the basis of blogging and it influences every content element: structure, length, the used information etc.

Here are 5 of the most common mistakes beginner bloggers do and a few suggestions on how to avoid them.

#1. Writing everything that comes into your mind

When you start writing on a topic, you may find yourself in a situation where you are filled with ideas. You feel inspired and you start to put everything that comes into your mind on paper. All your ideas may be good, but maybe not all of them are appropriate for the business you are writing.

Companies have a blog filled with content that illustrates their business values and that helps them create a certain image. Thus, everything that is written needs to align with their business values and objectives.

In order for bloggers to understand better how they need to write content, they need to know the business they are working for. They can discuss these aspects with their managers. They can provide useful insights and information about the goals of the business. This can help bloggers have a clear vision of what they need to write in order to contribute to achieving the business objectives.

#2. The style of writing is not catchy

Two of the main reasons that determine people to read a blog post are: a topic of their interest and a friendly attractive style of writing. Let’s stick to the second factor. When readers come across an article that sounds more like a school paper, and not a blog post, they will most probably leave after reading the first sentences.

People need to feel that every word flows naturally. This is the key to a great blog post and a pleasant reading. Imagine that you are having a conversation with your audience and you are speaking to them about a topic. Use a simple language, no jargon and no sophisticated words.

#3. You write about broad topics

Beginner bloggers may be tempted to write about broad topics. Here are a few examples:

  • How to start a successful business
  • How to be a successful entrepreneur
  • Best content marketing tips

The problem with these topics is that they are too general. They can be approached from several points of view. Also, they are addressed to a large target audience.

You need to narrow them and write on very specific topics. For instance, instead of “Best content marketing tips”, go for “Content marketing tips for small software businesses”. In this way, you manage to reach a customer niche and attract readers from a particular category.

#4. Your statements are not sustained by data

Quality blog posts use facts and numbers to sustain the statements that are made. Writing general and abstract terms and expressions such as “there are many..” or “the numbers have risen greatly” do not give credibility to your content. You need to convince people that you are 100% sure of what you are writing.

Using data and results from studies and research will help you create an image of a trustworthy blog post and you may convince people to continue reading your content.

#5. You are looking for perfection in your blog posts

You want all your blog posts to be perfect. Every time, you check to see if you used to right word, if an idea is expressed the way you want and continuously find something that you want to improve. You feel that none of your blog posts are perfect. This is the truth. They are not perfect and they do not need to be.

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You need to create a certain checking schedule for your blog posts and after you have gone through all of your steps, just stop and deliver the article. Spending too much time on an article is inefficient for you and the company you work for.

What you can do is pay attention to the feedback you receive, analyze your mistakes and try to learn from them. It will help you improve your writing.

The most important lessons these beginner blogger mistakes teach us is to be aware that we may tend to make them and to be open to learn from them. They can shape the style of writing of authors and help them improve it.






9 responses to “5 Common Mistakes That Beginner Bloggers Make”

  1. Moss Clement Avatar

    Hi Vishwajeet,

    The mistakes outlined here are more common than you can imagine. My takeaway is “your statements are not sustained by data.” For example, just recently, a guest contributor submitted his guest post of more than 1000 words, but there was no single outbound link to all the statistics and data to prove his claim. I could not publish it, why because we are in a digital era where data is the focus that will help you gain trust and build credibility.

    Thanks to sharing!

    1. Vishwajeet Kumar Avatar

      Hello Moss,

      You are right, In this digital era we have to provide some reference links to prove our claim or the research we have done. This will add more credibility to our posts. Thanks for stopping by.

      Have a Great Weekend 🙂

  2. Chris DeeWaard Avatar

    Hi Vishwajeet,

    First time here. Have seen you on Ryan Biddulph’s blog and his FB live broadcasts.

    These 5 mistakes you mention are relevant whether blogging for a company or one’s self.

    New bloggers make these mistakes because they haven’t done their due diligence when it comes to learning how to blog the correct way. We’ve all been there.

    Just like anything else, they need to learn and then implement what they learned. We don’t come out of the womb and start walking immediately. We first learn how to control our muscles, then we learn to sit up, roll over, crawl, then stand up, and then take our first steps.

    My mentor used to say, “Don’t get it perfect. Just get it out there.” Perfection is an illusion. What one considers perfect, others most likely won’t. As long as it gets the point across, that’s what matters most.

    Thanks for sharing these mistakes so people can learn from them.

    Have a good one……Chris

    1. Vishwajeet Kumar Avatar

      Hello Chris,

      Welcome to my Blog. You are right, we are all been there when we started our blogging journey. We learn step by step and also from our failures. You cannot be a successful blogger if you can’t do mistakes. I really appreciate your valuable input. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

      Have a Great Weekend 🙂

  3. Boyd Kobe Avatar

    Hi Vishwajeet,

    All of this. That’s what happened to me.
    Many times, I take a long time to write an article.
    Thanks for letting me know what the mistakes are And how should it be improved?

    1. Vishwajeet Kumar Avatar

      Hello Boyd,

      Glad to know it helps you. Thanks for stopping by 🙂


  4. Devika Avatar

    Hello Vishwajeet,
    What an awesome post,
    I just read it from start to end. Learned something new about blogging
    keep it up the good work..

  5. Bhawna Kaushik Avatar

    Hi Vishwajeet,

    Your first point is spot on. When people start a new blog they start to write about everything that comes to mind.
    That is the reason big marketers have many niche website which hardly has 30-40 articles but performs way better than anything other.
    Having a focused website/blog is the best justification you can do.

    Once again great article.
    Keep up the good work 🙂

    1. Vishwajeet Kumar Avatar

      Hello Bhawna,

      Glad to know that you liked the post. Thanks for stopping by


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