3 things can get hit you by Panda Algorithm Penalty

3 things can get hit you by Panda Algorithm Penalty. There is a race going on between the SEO and the Google. The SEO guys are finding new things to rank their site on Google SERP, and the Google is committed to keeping the stakes high of the ranking, so the searcher gets the best result on the first search result page. For that, with the constant intervals of time Google update its algorithm and tighten the screws more for the top positions of its SERP.

Google Panda

Panda is its latest update which has become the nightmares of many SEO people who used to rely on off page SEO heavily. Google first launched its Panda update way back in 2011, but Google was not using it a lot in its crawling. However, since the last year, SEO guys are a lot talking about the effects of Panda update on their websites ranking. However, Google hasn’t released any official statement but from the words from the horse’s mouths are very clear about Google seriousness towards Panda update.

If you are new to SEO and want to keep your website away from any of the Google Panda penalty, then next lines are must read for you because in the next lines I am going to tell you about the three things which can get you penalized on the Google SERP.

#1. Bad Content:

Content is a King. You must have listen this phrase. However, if you would not respect the king, the Google will not respect you while ranking either. So, this is what you have to be cared of. There are five things because of Google could penalize you.

  1. Thin: thin content means having a page with very little meaningless texts but lots of links. The Google crawler doesn’t like this because it only gets the links to crawl which Google doesn’t like instead of the text. Without the text, the crawler cannot get the relevancy of the page and query and if you barely provide any information to the search engine, how can Google show your website to any query.
  2. Automated: having the same text with just little variation on various pages of the website is called automated text. Many of the big companies or the web developers just to increase the number of pages in the website do such things. This is used to be normal practice before the Panda update because Google also likes to see the number of pages on the website. But since Panda, Google is more inclined towards the quality of the pages instead of the quantity.
  3. Aggregation: Gathering the web content from different websites or sources for the purpose of resale and reuse is called aggregated content. It could make sense if you are using it in any e-commerce website and have to borrow the actual description of the product from the manufacturer website but using it just to fill the pages is not acceptable.
  4. Plagiarize: Plagiarize wasn’t accepted before Panda and it is still one of the most alleged issue to get penalized. Make sure you have original and unique content on your web or else you could be get out from the Google SERP.
  5. Irrelevant: relevancy is important to make your website searchable. When you put the relevant content in your website, it will show you to the relevant searcher.

#2. Bad User Experiences:

Google doesn’t ask the visitors to rate any website. It analyzes it by the user behaviors. There are few user behavior on which the Google rank your website.

  1. Bounce Rate: it doesn’t matter how much visitors you are getting on your website. The time that they spend on your website matters. If the bounce rate of your website increase on the regular basis, there are high chances that the Google may penalize you because of not having enough quality web to sustain any visitor.
  2. Low amount of returning visitors: it is important to have high amount of return visitors or else you can lose you rank on the Google SERP. Your website should be good enough that it gets the visitors to come back or else Panda will get you.

#3. Usability:

Usability and user experience is a different topic and a lot to do with the on page. But being a website marketer, you should know about your product. That is why there are few things which you should be cared for or else you will be penalized by the Google.

  1. Design: one of the reason of the increase in bounce rate is the design of the website. And if the bounce rate is high, then there are many chances you could be penalized. Make sure to have such design that the visitor would stick to it and at least do 2 to 4 sessions on the web.
  2. Navigation: the Google crawler uses the website navigation to crawl the website. If you don’t have a simple and straightforward navigation feature in your web, the crawler may trouble crawling your web and may penalize you,
  3. Site speed: make sure that your site is not heavy that it takes more than usual time to load. The visitor doesn’t like to spend time waiting for the website to open. This can get you in trouble.


These are the 3 things that can lead you to hit by a Google Panda Penalty. Most newbies are ignoring this and they lose ranking in search engine result page. I hope you have found this post helpful. If you have any questions or queries, share it with us. Just drop a comment below.






4 responses to “3 things can get hit you by Panda Algorithm Penalty”

  1. niraj Avatar

    Hello Vishwajeet,
    i am facing problem with my website loading speed ,now a day i am loosing my website rank,do you have any tips how can i increase my website loading speed. do i need to change my current hosting plan?

    1. Vishwajeet Kumar Avatar

      Hello Niraj,

      A poor web hosting can cause serious issues with your blog loading speed. However, There are many other things that can hamper your blog performance. Please check out my post on this here: https://www.wmblogie.com/8-ways-to-optimize-your-wordpress-blog/

      I am sure that this will help you. Thanks for stopping by 🙂


  2. Brain Pundits Avatar

    Hello Vishwajeet,

    Google updates are always something which bring fear to everyone who is into online business. You never know what little mistake can create a domino effect and ruin the whole thing.

    Google is now getting more and more smarter and they are all about usability and user experience.

    Great Article.

    1. Vishwajeet Kumar Avatar

      Exactly, You have to be alert on Google updates and follow the legitimate ways to rank your site. Thanks for stopping by.

      Have a Great Day 🙂

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